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  • Infiltrator in A SEED, Earth First!, ENAAT

    Infiltrator in A SEED, Earth First!, ENAAT Infiltrator in A SEED, Earth First!, ENAAT
    – and where else?

    Adrian Franks is 39 years old, he is blond, bolding and has a moustache. He is short, fat and usually dressed in plain clothes, nothing special.
    Foto van Adrian
    Foto van Adrian

    Ever met a dedicated Animal Liberation Front activist, who eats meat?
    Adrian Franks confessed to frequent McDonald’s, for his kids…he says…

    He also uses the names Adrian Le Chene and presumably Adrian Mayer, but not in activist circles. His company is called Risk Crisis Analysis, based in Rochester, Kent, UK, with an active branch in Equihen-Plage, near Boulogne in France where he lives. He works with his girlfriend Pascale.

    Check the list to see if you can add something to what we know of Adrian’s whereabouts. If so, please contact buro Jansen & Janssen .

    Eind 2003 ontdekte David Connet van de Sunday Times dat de Engelse vredesorganisatie jarenlang gevolgd werd door Threat Response International, een particuliere inlichtingendienst van Evelyn Le Chene, de moeder van Adrian Le Chene/Franks. Buro Jansen & Janssen schreef samen met Eveline Lubbers een verslag van het vervolg onderzoek.

    Threat Response International deel 1

    Threat Response International deel 2

    Wednesday July 1st 1998 a
    warning letter
    was sent out against a French activist by the name of Adrian Franks.

    We have reasons to believe Adrian is offering information about activist groups to multinational cooperations. We are not sure for 100%, we have no actual proof of him selling information. Still we decided to issue the warning after we had a long conversation with Adrian. At that point our research had been going on for several weeks, and rumours started going around. We felt we were obliged to present what we had found so far, to share the information with other groups Adrian attended, also those we had no knowledge of as yet. It was only after carefull consideration that we went ahead.
    After the initial warning, we now present this website with the results of our research so far.

    Account of our research .
    Het verslag van een speurtocht.
    Mid May Buro Jansen & Janssen was approached by people from A SEED Europe who had serious doubts about the reliability of a French activist, Adrian Frank from Equihen-Plage. An anonymous letter with severe accusations was reason enough to start an investigation. He was said to be selling information about activist groups to multinational cooperations.
    July 3, 1998

    Why was Adrian exposed,
    and is he a serious risk?
    , and is he a serious risk?
    Adrian is not a clear and present danger. As far as we know he is not an infiltrator sent by any gouvernmental secret service. But he managed to come a long way in just over two years, using the openess of activist circles.
    The risk of Adrian selling information compelled us to come out with what we have. Actions planned don’t necessairily have to go wrong, if he’s involved. But on the long run, target companies provided with insider dealing might improve their answers to campaigns.
    6 juli 1998
    List of groups involved
    meetings Adrian attended that we know of so far.
    July 3, 1998

    Warning letter
    send out to groups Adrian was involved in.
    July 1, 1998 (very late)

    Lettre d’attention
    envoyé à des groupes dans lesquelles Adrian était actif.
    July 1, 1998

    Letter to Corporate Boards
    of Directors

    of companies Adrian may have been working for.
    July 1, 1998

    Last message
    Adrian sent after he was confronted with the doubts against him.
    July 2, 1998 (very early)

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