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  • Why is Adrian exposed

    Adrian has had a chance to defend himself. He was invited to attend the first gathering of a so-called (fake) secret network. Before the meeting could start, some things had to be cleared up. Adrian was confronted with all the allegations made against him, one by one. He understood he was not going to leave before some explaining had been done. So he started talking. He never stopped talking. But his stories were incoherent and evasive. He had an answer to almost anything, but it didn’t explain a lot.

    His actiongroup Eco-action does not exist, neither does Earth First! France in Equihen-Plage, that much is clear. Adrian could not name a single action done by his own group. Not only is he using various surnames, he has a company named Risk Crisis Analysis. To what purpose he has this company remained unclear. Adrian attends a lot of meetings, manifestations and demonstrations, but he’s not doing anything with this -that’s what he claims.
    You find more about the conversation in the last part of Account of our search.
    This conversation has not managed to convince us that Adrian is a reliable and innocent activist.

    Is Adrian a serious risk?

    The risk of him selling information compelled us to come out with what we have. Adrian is not a clear and present danger. As far as we know he is not an infiltrator sent by any gouvernmental secret service. He is not very professional, working from one and the same address -appearently his home- for both his company and his activist base.
    On the other hand, he managed to come a long way in just over two years. (The story of his life before that remains very vague). He managed to keep up appearances for quite a long time, using the openess of most activist circles. Where everybody is being trusted until proof to the contrary is provided, no questions are ever being asked.

    This openess provides the perfect opportunity for people who want to know what’s going on in activist circles. Multinational companies have come to realize that the worst thing that can ever happen to them is to be taken completely by surprise. The Brent Spar has been a good lesson, when even Greenpeace was surprised by the massive boycot of Shell because of the dumping of the famous drilling platform in the ocean.
    Multinationals want to be prepared, they professionalize their Public Relations department or hire consultants to develop a complete strategy just in case they would become a target. They need to know what’s coming up, they need to know what activists are talking about, what the agenda’s are, and what they plan. So they have to find a way to get on the same wavelength as their opponents. Sending in people like Adrian is one of those ways.
    People won’t get arrested because of Adrian’s presence. Actions planned don’t necessairily have to go wrong, if he’s involved. But on the long run, the answer of the target companies might change, they will learn how to win the battle in the media – if they’re provided with insider dealing.

    Make sure surprise will stay the convincing factor in your group’s strategy, be ware of people like Adrian.