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  • Deep Search – recensie

    A Publication of Word-Information Institute
    Konrad Becker/ Felix Stalder [eds.] Studienverlag & Transaction Publishers, 2009.
    ISBN 978-3-7065-4795-6

    Information is useless if it cannot be found and it is not a coincidence that a search engine like Google has turned into one of the most significant companies of the new century. These engines are never just practical tools to deal with information overload. Such cognitive technologies embed political philosophy in seemingly neutral code.
    Konrad Becker, Felix Stalder, editors of Deep Search

    When taking leave from the many new people I meet, often they ask me if I am on Facebook, or they tell me to Google them. I reply that I am not on Facebook. What, not on Facebook? is the usual response. When I start to explain about privacy issues or that I want my search to be unique and not recommended, an expression of shock appears on their faces. If I continue and ask them whether they care that their data is sold to third parties and their search recommended I am warranted the retort: I have nothing to hide so I think its OK and there is more security. For those of us who still want to have some control over how we search, find information, experience the internet, and would like to understand legislation that will be able to clarify and protect our rights as citizens, Deep Search (2009) is still a relevant book. Even more so since December 4, 2009, when Google announced, ‘personalised search for everyone’, combining Page Rank and personalization, altering relevance and how we find and consume information.