• Buro Jansen & Janssen, gewoon inhoud!
    Jansen & Janssen is een onderzoeksburo dat politie, justitie, inlichtingendiensten, overheid in Nederland en de EU kritisch volgt. Een grond- rechten kollektief dat al 40 jaar, sinds 1984, publiceert over uitbreiding van repressieve wet- geving, publiek-private samenwerking, veiligheid in breedste zin, bevoegdheden, overheidsoptreden en andere staatsaangelegenheden.
    Buro Jansen & Janssen Postbus 10591, 1001EN Amsterdam, 020-6123202, 06-34339533, signal +31684065516, info@burojansen.nl (pgp)
    Steun Buro Jansen & Janssen. Word donateur, NL43 ASNB 0856 9868 52 of NL56 INGB 0000 6039 04 ten name van Stichting Res Publica, Postbus 11556, 1001 GN Amsterdam.
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  • The Criminalization of Dissent by Law Enforcement

    As we have seen, the concepts of “terrorism”, “extremism” and “ideological crime” are the means by which protest becomes signified as a threat. These concepts promote a discourse where the act of protest is seen as a danger to the current political order and therefore a threat to the so-called “national security”. Any protest in this security-thinking is perceived as suspect, not for any actual “disturbing” acts, but for its perceived potential to do so. This goes further than just physical acts of dissent. The very mental act of imagining different political realities than those espoused by contemporary neoliberal representative “democratic” Netherlands, have become foregrounded as potential “threats” as well. Participants of protest actions find themselves increasingly watched by various governmental agencies, analyzing protest from the perspective of “risk”, “security” and the worldwide fight against “terrorism”. These developments have not come suddenly, but have been following the more global shifts in the public perception and anxiety over “security” since the events of 9/11, the Madrid, London and Dubai bombings, and more locally, the political murders of politician Fortuyn and columnist Van Gogh in the Netherlands.

    The Criminalization of Dissent by Law Enforcement